Cast Parts Made by Dossmann: Variety Made from the Same Mold

The cast parts we produce in our iron foundry are as diverse as the requirements of the customers we work for. As a supplier of cast blanks, we manufacture sophisticated cast components in small and medium-sized series for globally active companies from very different industries.

Our customers include companies from the following areas:


Press Construction

For the construction of presses, we produce guide carriages, yoke plates and tappets as well as pillars and hydrostatic tables.


Machine Construction

Our very core-intensive casting products are used, among other industries things, as machine parts in the automotive, aerospace and wind power industries.


Drive Technology

We produce powerful parts for wind turbines and ship propulsion units as well as for components of rail vehicles.


Pump Technology

We produce pump and volute casings, eccentric shafts and engine shrouds as construction parts of pumps for various industries.


Paper Making Machines

Besides cast iron blanks for clamping and cutter bars, we produce tabletops and machine columns for paper cutting machines.


Engine Construction

Our cast parts for the construction of engines include turbochargers, rocker arm housings, transmission and engine mounts as well as volute casings.


Building Machines

The casting of pulleys, end plates, planetary carriers and casings required for hoisting technology and building machines is part of our range of services as well.

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