In our iron foundry approx. 15,000 t of cast iron are poured every year to produce castings with a weight range of 200 to 8,500 kg. Depending on weight and complexity, we manufacture the respective castings in our partially automated cold-resin molding plant or in the Furanharz hand-molding plant.

In our modern semi-automatic molding shop with a maximum box size of 1,300 x 2,050 mm, castings with a unit weight of up to 1,200 kg in the GJL and GJS area can be produced mechanically. Thanks to the swift passage of 40 to 45 molds per day, our mechanized molding line can produce cast blanks of consistently high quality at short notice.

Large castings with a unit weight of 200 to 8,500 kg are produced in our molding shop with a box size of up to 5,000 x 2,500 mm, in the cast iron types GJL and GJS. The innovative furan resin process used by us as well as the continuous specification of our working techniques guarantee highest accuracy and allow us to realize even demanding castings in convincing quality.

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